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The 5-Minute Rule for First Job Resume Template

The 5-Minute Rule for First Job Resume Template You would like to show employers that you are able to get effects. While chasing for your fantasy job, people usually neglect to deal with some minute information, which may make a huge. Ask them general questions regarding the organization and specific questions regarding the job that you seek. There are several other relevant talents and experiences you need to offer you During your research, you can discover that you arent the very best fit for the job or the business may not qualify as the ideal fit for you. Even if it is a somewhat related skill for this job include it in the resume. A project management job is just one of the careers that the majority of the job searchers aim to apply. As a job seeker, its your best marketing tool. The very first thing you ought to do when youre searching for a job is learn how to do a resume. Detecting a job isnt as simple as picking up the correct clothes to wear. If you are searching for a professional job, youll need to get a resume. If you are constructing your very first job resume, the very first thing which you should do is decide which sort of job you are searching for. You desire the employer to understand your career path as being well fitted to their requirements. If you apply the very same CV to submit an application for different kinds of jobs, you can create the impression your career has been unfocused and adrift. Also when you have been in more or less the exact same field, in order for your career has been a logical progression to the job that you are applying for now. Highlighting the brde employment record will demonstrate the responsibilities an individual previously held and the length of time they usually maintains a job. What About First Job Resume Template? When it has to do with formatting your resume you need to remember which format best suites your work experience. Submitting a standout resume is one method to express your unique abilities and ambition. Building a job resume isnt difficult. Learning how to produce your first resume is a significant part of starting your career. As a way to type up a good resume you first need to understand the fundamental components a resume is composed of. It is preferable to locate an ideal template than attempting to alter an existing one drastically. The very first alternative is to compose your resume from scratch. You may opt to go with the choice of producing your resume from scratch. The Basic Principles of First Job Resume Template You Can Benefit From Beginning Immediately Now you can begin inputting the info on the computer. Utilizing a software application to acquire the business done will supply you with a step-by-step guide to creating the resume that will speak volumes to the employer thats reviewing it. Make certain you choose the appropriate kind of template to fit your need. In the event the template doesnt have an expert profile but has a job o bjective section, you can alter the section heading depending on your need. There is a great argument that an internet job search doesnt require a resume titelblatt LETTER. Lastly, the checking of spelling and grammar is a critical part of the resume process. Ensure it is attractive, concise but significant document. For instance in the event the template is for functional resume, attempting to alter it to a chronological format isnt going to serve the goal.

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Want to Improve Your Diversity Hiring Look At Your Process Through Candidates Eyes

Want to Improve Your Diversity Hiring Look At Your Process Through Candidates EyesThis year, many organizations have upped their game to find and hire more diverse talent. Youve probably reached out to new candidate sources or posted job ads on a wider variety of websites. But chances are, youre totenstill not seeing the results you want in regards to your diversity hiring initiative.In fact, the 2018 Global Recruiting Trends report from LinkedIn found that 38 percent of companies are still having trouble finding diverse candidates. An additional 14 percent find it difficult to get these job seekers to move past the interview process.This is because diversity hiring isnt just about finding great candidates from a variety of backgrounds. Its about showing theres a distributions-mix for them at your company. It doesnt matter how many diverse job seekers you reach if they dont think theyll be accepted in your organization.To truly improve diversity hiring, you need to reexamine your hir ing process. By looking at it through the eyes of a diverse candidate, you can see where there are issues that are disengaging these job seekers. Here are three factors to reconsiderBeing inflexible with interview schedulingThere are many types of candidate diversity far more than race, gender, and sexual orientation. Youre looking for candidates who have different backgrounds and experiences that will improve your organization. Chances are these candidates dont have a schedule like yours.Diverse candidates might be single parents. They could be the primary caretaker for an elderly relative. Their current job might mean they work long hours or an inconsistent schedule. So even if you find a great candidate, sending them only one or two options for an interview that thema within your business hours could be an issue. Without realizing it, youre excluding them from moving forward in the hiring process.By using one-way digital interviews, however, there are no constraints from conflic ting schedules. If its the only time available, candidates can record their responses at four in the morning. Then you could review their interview during your normal workday. Candidates will see youve taken their unique needs into consideration making them more likely to continue in the hiring process.To improve your companys diversity, every candidate needs an equal opportunity to interview. diversityhiringClick To TweetHaving a non-diverse hiring teamDiverse candidates want to know they have a chance to succeed with an organization. They need to know there are paths in place to help them get where they want to be professionally. If every employee they meet during the hiring process is a white male manager, it will cause doubts about your true dedication to diversity.Create a diversity hiring team of volunteer employees who want to help with this mission. These employees should come from every level of the organization and be willing to talk honestly about their employee experienc e.Then get the teams feedback about the hiring process. See if there were certain steps or signs that made them worry about the organizations diversity. For instance, you might not notice in your panel interviews, all the interviewers are caucasian or all the employee testimonials on your career site are from men. These insights will show you how you can incorporate the diversity team into the hiring process.Not asking follow-up questionsOne of the biggest advantages of a diverse workforce is bringing in new ideas. A team can work on a aufgabe for weeks with no progress. But then, bringing in a different set of eyes leads to the perfect solution. Because diverse candidates often have a new way of looking at things, you need to adapt your interview process.Many hiring professionals ask the same interview questions year after year. Youve learned what responses are a sign of a good candidate. Yet, always looking for the same answers also leads to hiring the same types of employees.When interviewing diverse candidates, know that you might get answers youve never heard before. Dont immediately dismiss these as wrong. Take the time to ask follow-up questions. This will give you insight into the candidates thought process as well as a better understanding of who they are and of what they are capable.Asking follow-up questions lets you see things from the candidates perspective. talentacquisitionClick To TweetHaving a diversity hiring strategy is a great way to improve your organization. But if you want to attract and retain different candidates, you need to consider how your hiring process looks to them. With this new perspective, you assure diverse job seekers there is a place for them in your organization.

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Why and How to Keep Your Elevator Pitch Fresh

Why and How to Keep Your Elevator Pitch FreshWhy and How to Keep Your Elevator Pitch FreshWhen you were fresh out of college looking to break into the financial world, you probably heard about developing an elevator pitch - a succinct explanation of who you are, what you do and where youre headed. The trick is to present yourself within 30 to 60 seconds in such an engaging fashion that your audience is completely sold on you and offers you that dream job.Having worked successfully in the world of accounting and finance for a while now, you might think that your need for an elevator pitch has come and gone. Think again. As secure as you may feel in your current position, you never know when you might encounter the chance of a lifetime. Whats more, youll never hear about that chance if you dont have a quick way to let new contacts know about you. Having an updated, engaging elevator pitch at the ready is the perfect way to take advantage of an encounter that could lead to a new and ex citing opportunity.Getting it all in thereYour experience is what makes you more valuable, but its hard to boil it all down to an elevator pitch. Updating your resume is great way to start, but you need to condense the information even further. Narrow your experience down to a short, bulleted list of accomplishments. But dont stop there. Focus on how your experience and skill set benefits your employer now and where you want that experience to take you in the future. Skip the jargonYour financial acumen makes you attractive to a wide sortiment of potential employers, so dont block them out by using industry-specific jargon or buzzwords in your pitch. Because youre experienced in your field, you might not even notice youre throwing around these insider terms. Test your pitch out on friends from other fields to see if your words trip them up.Face-to-face interactionIf your financial experience has been in the back office, you might need to brush up on your one-to-one conversation skil ls. The last thing you want is to fumble through your pitch when the 30-second moment of truth comes your way. Practice with friends or even video your pitch. And then get out for some networkingKeep up with the latestOnce youve caught someones interest, he or she might want to discuss areas outside of accounting and finance. If you ordinarily just scan industry news sources to the exclusion of other business topics, try broadening your scope. If you know youll be in a specific social setting, you might familiarize yourself with appropriate topics beforehand.Be prepared for the end gameHave a game plan for how you want to exchange contact information if you meet someone youd like to stay in touch with. Some people prefer business cards, so make sure you have one. Others like to exchange information electronically be ready for that scenario too. Also, if you have an online portfolio of work, make sure its updated and readily accessible on your tablet. Its another way to keep your ele vator pitch fresh.Ready to try out your elevator pitch in the job market?SEARCH CONSULTING JOBS

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The State of Tech Hiring in Miami

The State of Tech Hiring in MiamiThe State of Tech Hiring in MiamiTHE STATE OF TECH HIRING IN MIAMI-FORT LAUDERDALEQ3 and Q4 2019TOP SKILLS IN IMMEDIATE DEMAND1. Cybersecurity2. Mobile development Cloud security*3. Cloud computing Cloud architecture*4. Database management5. Business intelligenceOF TECHNOLOGY LEADERS SURVEYED 78% plan to expand their teams.21% plan to fill only vacant positions.91% say its challenging to find IT talent in their area.100% are confident in their companys prospects for growth.99% will bring on project-based IT employees. Below are the top reasonsWhen theres a sudden vacancy 65%Consultants are part of our hiring strategy 63%For unplanned, time-sensitive projects 50%For especially busy times 45%When a skill does not exist internally 40%Multiple responses allowed.TOP BUSINESS CONCERNS1. Maintaining security of IT systems2. Investing in new technologies3. Digital transformation projects/initiatives

10 Horrible Boss Stories You Wont Believe Are True

10 Horrible Boss Stories You Won’t Believe Are True 10 Horrible Boss Stories You Won’t Believe Are True Most of the bosses I’ve known are reasonably fair-minded. Not perfect, of course, but definitely with their hearts in the right place. Some bosses, however, have a real mean streak that makes their employees miserable. A while back, I co-hosted a radio program called “Funny Business.” We asked our listeners to tell us their “mean boss” stories. Here are the 10 that stood out. 1. Be Sure to Get Refundable Tickets After I got engaged, I went to my boss to schedule time off for the wedding and honeymoon, which were still more than a year away. My boss said: “I don’t know if that’s a good time for you to take vacation days. We’ll just have to wait and see.” 2. Get Your Priorities Straight My son was born very premature, the weekend before a big meeting for which I had been helping my boss prepare. On Monday, I came to work to tie up a few loose items, and to tell my boss about my son, who at that point was in the ICU. Looking up from his screen, my boss said: “Don’t let your personal life interfere with your job. It can only hurt you professionally.” 3. Neatness Counts I recently wrote a justification to buy a new PC. It had to be approved by my boss. Unhappy with my writing style, my boss rewrote the justification to show me how it should be done. After it was finally written properly, he turned it down. 4. I Love Rock and Roll I was refused a raise by my boss, who said, “You’re already making more money than I was at your age.” It turns out that he spent his youth touring around the state playing guitar in a garage band, barely making enough to pay for food and gasoline. When I pointed out that, rather than playing guitar, I had spent my youth getting a college degree and working in a high-tech job, he replied, “What’s your point?” 5. A Little Extra Motivation My doctor advised me to lose a few pounds and get more exercise. After I mentioned this to my boss, he emailed me a “motivational” image of a fashion model babe with my face and hair. A month later, when I gave notice, he emailed me the image of a pig with my face on it. 6. Did I Forget to Mention? On Monday, my boss approached me at 4 PM with an emergency assignment. He had an important meeting early the following morning and needed a new version of a 400-page document. I worked all night, made the updates, and left the manual on his desk well after midnight. When I came to work the next morning, I asked his admin about the emergency meeting. She said: “He canceled it and took a vacation day.” 7. Exercise Is Good For You Our boss asked me and my colleagues to spend two weeks preparing detailed building and capital improvement “wish lists” to plan our facility’s budget. When I asked when we might see the improvements, our boss said, “Oh- your wish lists are just that. Don’t expect anything you requested to actually get done. It was just an exercise!” 8. Don’t Ask Our boss concluded a quarterly all-employee meetings by asking if there were any questions. Silence. He said, “I keep holding these meetings, and no one asks any questions. I would like someone to ask a question.” One brave soul raised his hand and asked a question. The boss said, “Well, if you had been listening to what I just said, you would know the answer to your question. Next question.” 9. Ah! Now I Understand Our company was running into financial difficulties so my boss asked me to work for half of my salary. I said, “Well, since I’m paid for 40 hours a week but working 80, I suppose I could work 40 hours a week and only get paid for only 20 of them.” He said: “That’s not what I meant. I want you to work 80 hours a week, but I’m only going to pay you for 20 of them.” 10. Please Prioritize My grandmother unexpectedly died from heart failure and I took off two days to go to her funeral. The day I got back, my mother called me to say my grandfather had died of grief. Obviously upset, I approached my boss and explained the situation. She said: “Unfortunately, you have no bereavement time left. You should have planned better.” Readers: Can you top any of these stories? Leave a comment! More From Inc. 22 Successful CEOs on the Books You Should Read It’s Time to Figure Out Your Facebook Video Strategy 2 Crucial Steps to Take Before You Launch Photo of boss leaning back courtesy of Shutterstock.

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10 of the Best Cities for Open Jobs

10 of the Best Cities for Open Jobs 10 of the Best Cities for Open Jobs Looking to make a move this summer? Some of America’s most exciting cities are also hiring like crazy and looking for talented people in industries like manufacturing, retail, education and professional services. Plus, you’ll have access to all the perks of city life: culture, food, mass transit, summer concerts and more. So if you’re looking to change jobs, consider also changing cities. Here are 10 of the best cities for open jobs according to the   Glassdoor Local Pay Reports , as of May 2017. Revamp your resume and pack your suitcase! 1. Atlanta, GA Job Openings:   102,463 Median Pay:   $52,524 Popular Companies Hiring:   Georgia Tech, Emory University, The Home Depot 2. Boston, MA Job Openings:   132,512 Median Pay: $58,387 Popular Companies Hiring:   State Street, Boston University, Fidelity Investments 3. Chicago, IL Job Openings:   166,070 Median Pay:   $55,470 Popular Companies Hiring:   Deloitte, Accenture, University of Chicago 4. Houston, TX Job Openings:   86,902 Median Pay:   $54,182 Popular Companies Hiring:  Infosys, Hewlett-Packard, MD Anderson Cancer Center 5. Los Angeles, CA Job Openings:   186,062 Median Pay:   $59,371 Popular Companies Hiring:   UCLA, University of Southern California, Netflix 6. New York, NY Job Openings:   265,577 Median Pay:   $60,639 Popular Companies Hiring:  J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs 7. Philadelphia, PA Job Openings:   106,480 Median Pay:   $53,818 Popular Companies Hiring:   Comcast, Deloitte, University of Pensylvania 8. San Francisco, CA Job Openings:   122,090 Median Pay:   $67,352 Popular Companies Hiring:   Salesforce, Glassdoor, UC San Francisco 9. Seattle, WA Job Openings:   107,685 Median Pay: $59,246 Popular Companies Hiring:  Amazon, University of Washington, Microsoft 10. Washington D.C. Job Openings:   159,168 Median Pay: $51,159 Popular Companies Hiring:   Booz Allen Hamilton, Tee Advisory Board, Deloitte

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Raspberry Pis Eben Upton on Design and Innovation

Raspberry Pis Eben Upton on Design and Innovation Raspberry Pis Eben Upton on Design and Innovation Raspberry Pi’s Eben Upton on Design and Innovation Eben Upton, a Ph.D in computer science, started working on the Raspberry Pi in 2006, and the first $25 device was an instant hit on release in 2012. The board computer, which has reached 21 million units in shipments, has since reinvigorated the maker subculture, spawning drones, robots, industrial automation systems, and even whimsical artistic devices. Upton is the author of several books, has won a handful of awards, and in 2016 was honored as the Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Upton, 40, grew up in the United Kingdom. What led to the creation of Raspberry Pi? I grew up surrounded by computers. The first computer I ever touched was a Commodore 64, I had a Timex machine briefly, and then I had a machine called the BBC Micro, which was an educational computer, and then I had a Commodore Amiga. Those were all very programmable computers. When I went to college, I was surrounded by people who had that experience of learning computers and that was great for us. In enough time, those machines disappeared and were replaced by large PCs and unprogrammable computers like game consoles. We founded Raspberry Pi as a way of rebooting a little bit of that enthusiasm and being imaginative. The original ambition was to create a low-cost, programmable, fun hardware that was trying to fill that gap that had been vacated when Commodore 64 and other stuff had disappeared. We benefitted from the existence of programmable computers for kids, and those computers went away, and we started to suffer in the university, as an industry and a country. We thought if w e made a programmable computer for kids, we could get back some of what we lost. Optimized components are the key to Raspberry Pis product design and business model. How did you turn Raspberry Pi from an idea into a product? Raspberry Pi is a cost-engineered product. We had a sale price in mind, which was $25, and it was designed backwards from that price. A lot of products are designed forward from a feature set to a price, or maybe you have a vague idea of the price and feature set and try to make it reach in the middle. For us, it had to be a computer, and we had this idea of, What can you do with $25? The bill of materials is dominated by a small number of components: the processor, the memory, and the PCB and substrate it sits on. That accounts for about three-fourths of the bill of materials and 60 percent of the overall end product. The original Raspberry Pi had about 200 components and the current Raspberry Pi has about 300 components. Obviously, optimizing those was very important. We made big choices about what the device could do. We leveraged a standard software stack, we didnt have to do everything from scratch. We chose very carefully to give us the functionality at the price. You look at b ig things and make macro-level decisions on what your device is going to do. We got comfortable with the macro-costs involved;then theres the micro-optimization. We were nearly killed by the micro-costs, you forget the ten-cent prices. You have to make some non-functional compromises in your design. Youre squeezing out things that matter a bit less. For You: Making the 3D Skin Printer Portable How did you find a manufacturer for Raspberry Pi? We didnt find anywhere in the U.K. to manufacture Raspberry Pi a reasonable cost, but we were very lucky to get an introduction to a very good Chinese manufacturer who we used for the first two years. He took a chance on us, gave us a 2,000-unit minimum order at a decent cost compared to a U.K. manufacturer. He did millions in volumes for us over the next two years. We were in the end able to find a U.K. manufacturer and reshore almost all the manufacturing for our core products. As an entrepreneur, what lessons did you take away from the process of engineering Raspberry Pi? Theres an attention to detail in hardware. There are no prizes for shipping a defective product. The silicon industry is like that. You cant patch a chip. If you screwed up, thats going to be a lot of money going down the drain, and if you sell broken hardware, people get upset. What has the impact of Raspberry Pi been so far? I think were just getting started. If you make something which works for most customers, then you have something that will work for most companies as well. People find uses for things, and the impact has been very broad. It shouldnt have been a surprise. Outside of schools, whats the impact of Raspberry Pi? The general-purpose computer has been a success as a product and Raspberry Pi has proven to be a powerful tool not just for students, but for anyone who wants to do general automation of tasks. Weve discovered theres a lot more automatable work than we realize. People have been using PCs to automate factories, but the full unit cost has held it back. If you make something that is cheaper, lower power and has a convenient form factor, you can use it natively. The one thing that surprises us is few people know Raspberry Pi. The use of Raspberry Pi has expanded to drones and robots. Where do you expect it to go? In the context of Industry 4.0, Raspberry Pi is enabling new forms of automation by bringing high-performance, stable, robust general-purpose computing to lower price points. Engineers have used the product to automate a wide range of tasks, and as the core of their own products, including robots and drones. People using Raspberry Pi for general factory automation are also building platforms around it. People are buying Raspberry Pi as part of pre-integrated industrial solutions. Speaking of robots and drones, where do you expect Raspberry Pi to go? The drone thing is very interesting the Raspberry Pi is very good at imaging, processing data from cameras. Pretty fascinating to me recently has been use for intelligent agriculture in California, which is in the middle of a massive drought. You can do infrared photography which will allow you to identify in a field which plants need irrigation. Thats a much more efficient use of water and human time. Were discovering new themes that are automatable. I like the whimsical ones there are a lot of art installations using Raspberry Pi as a controller. People are using Raspberry Pi for vision capabilities in robotics. Raspberry Pi reinvigorated the maker subculture. What benefits do engineers get from being a maker? Engineering is a creative discipline, but engineering has an image problem.The reputation problem is simply that engineering is sometimes viewed as an uncreative, low-status profession like an engineer being the person who fixes your boiler. By emphasizing the creative, entrepreneurial aspects of engineering practice, making may help to address this. Whats your advice to engineers? Dont ask for permission. I didnt ask for permission to do Raspberry Pi, I just did it. I never regressed after that. Persist because innovations hard. I started developing Raspberry Pi in 2006, and I didnt come out with the first one which was any good until 2010 and didnt allow it to market until 2012. There was a lot of persistence across Raspberry Pi. Even when you do the right thing, things always take twice as long than you expect it to. Surround yourself with people who help you persist in your professional and personal life. I kept doing Raspberry Pi because my wife felt it was a good idea. For a time, I thought it wasnt a good idea. Listent to ASME TechCast: In our first episode, engineer Roma Agrawal talks about her new book and the need for a diversified workforce. For Further Discussion Dont ask for permission. I didnt ask for permission to do Raspberry Pi, I just did it.Eben Upton